The CMA has found troubling evidence of potential mis-selling and unfair contract terms in the leasehold housing sector, and is set to launch enforcement action.


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The National Leasehold Campaign founders are delighted with today’s announcement by the CMA that they intend to take enforcement action and are preparing to take specific cases against developers to tackle the mis-selling & unfair lease terms.

This is as a direct result of the colossal efforts of three years campaigning by Katie Kendrick (Founder); Jo Darbyshire (Co-founder) and Cath Williams (Co-founder) who believe they were all misled during the purchasing process of their homes. They report being given misinformation at the point of sale re the cost of buying their freehold and were not told their freeholds would be sold on to a third party investor without their knowledge.

The news has been welcomed by the 16.5K members of the NLC and more widely by leaseholders throughout England and Wales which number around 6 million home “owners”.

Katie Kendrick states “We would like to thank the CMA for this work and for listening to us – we know it will not be a quick fix but are ready to help in any way we can. We have the evidence and are not too battle weary to continue with this fight.  It is really refreshing to hear our claims validated by the CMA today. Whilst the government proposes to ban future houses being sold leasehold in the future we can not and will not allow them to forget those who are already trapped through no fault of their own.  If it was wrong for the future it was wrong for the past”

The NLC are very optimistic that the outcome of the proposed CMA prosecutions will result in some form of compensation for those already trapped in mis-sold leasehold properties.  

Jo Darbyshire stated “ Information critical to my decision making was deliberately withheld at the point of sale. Had I been given that information I would have bought my freehold from the developer for c.£5K. They sold my freehold on and now it will cost thousands more. It’s time for them to do the right thing and make sure I’m not financially disadvantaged as a result of their systematic mis-selling”

The NLC also hope that any compensation scheme will help those who have had no choice but to pay out large sums for their freeholds to be able to get on with their lives. Many have been forced into this position at the mercy of third party freehold investors to change jobs, start a family and buy a larger property or to downsize when retiring.

Cath Williams states “I needed to move but was advised by the state agent that finding a buyer for a leasehold house would be difficult and its value was £20,000 less than the freehold market. I had absolutely no option but to buy the freehold and it cost me a total of £15,000 to include both sets of legal fees. I had to borrow from family. I want that money back because my house should never have been leasehold in the first place”


The National Leasehold Campaign stepped up the campaign to raise awareness as Sky News covered the Leasehold Scandal

Campaigners caught up in a leasehold “trap” are taking mass legal action for the first time.

Hundreds of leasehold homeowners in the North West have served notice to forcibly buy their freeholds from big investors.

A leasehold only gives you exclusive ownership of the right to occupy the property for the length of the lease.

Read the full article below:

Bellway offered this statement.

Changing their practices moving forward doesn’t fix their mistakes of the past.

Bellway struggled to justify their actions when their CEO Mr Honeyman gave evidence at the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee Leasehold Select Committee Inquiry earlier this year.


Together we are stronger – Join now

The NLC helped to expose the out-of-court settlement over alleged mis-selling.

The heat🔥 was turned up this weekend as the ‘Mail On Sunday’ Published an excellent article putting pressure on Persimmon to “Cancel ALL leasehold deals” following an out of court settlement offered to a Cardiff estate.

“Persimmon under pressure to cancel all leasehold deals as climbdown by builder gives homeowners hope”

The National Leasehold Campaign passed this story to the ‘Mail On Sunday’ as we believe the Cardiff Council V’s Persimmon Homes Ltd is of National Interest.

The NLC have been aware of this case for some time as we are sure many developers were also watching this case with interest. I’m sure ALL developers gave a sigh of relief that the case was dropped before court.

It really is a shame Cardiff Council didn’t have the funds to pursue this case.

The letter Cardiff residents received from Persimmon stated

“We have also been in discussion with Cardiff County Council who have been passing on those concerns to us, on behalf of a number of residents.

Ensuring that customer satisfaction, as part of our Persimmon Pledge, sits at the heart of our business and so when things do not go as planned, we want to do our best to put things right”

Katie Kendrick (Founder of the NLC) gave the following statement

“The NLC are pleased that Persimmon have eventually done the right thing for these residents. However this is not an isolated case. Many other residents have experienced exactly the same throughout the country. We urge Persimmon to honour this for all other developments across the country who are currently trapped in the leasehold scandal.

This case is of significant national interest as thousands feel they have been miss sold their leasehold properties.
It is disappointing that this case is not being taken to court for a full hearing. It remains questionable if persimmon have offered the residents their freehold free of charge as ‘damage limitation’ as succeeding and winning this case against persimmon would have set a legal precedence for many other estates to follow. This case proves they can put things right if they want to, but developers choose not to.

The NLC urge all other developers to also ‘put things right’ and return our freeholds to us free of charge.

We hope the CMA consider this case in their investigation into potential miss selling and unfair contract terms”

This is a ‘DAVID V’S GOLIATH’ battle.

This news has certainly awaken leaseholders on a national level. Leaseholder are rightly riled up and angry. Many asking “what does this mean for us?”

There is a glimmer of hope as this illustrates developers can do the right thing when pushed to do so by the right authorities.

Leaseholders do not have the endless millions of pounds that developers & freeholders have to fight this. We don’t have the clever lawyers, accountants and expensive PR companies advising us; But what we do have is the truth. We have each other and through the movement of the NLC and support of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership (LKP) we are proud to see leaseholders fighting back.


It’s time to take action. Leaseholder’s must work together.

  • Work together with your neighbours. Please ensure your neighbours are aware. Encourage them to join with you and carry out the steps below. The more people that keep the pressure on the better.
  • Contact your local press. Especially if you are living in a Persimmon property. Now is a perfect time to “Strike while the irons hot”. We are happy to be CC’d into any press correspondence if they want a comment from us.(
  • Contact your local Council. Share the ‘Cardiff Council’s’ actions with them and ask them to do the same on your behalf.
  • Write to your developers CEO. Request they assign the freehold title to their rightful owner.
  • Contact both National Trading Standards & your Local Trading Standards Anyone who was not advised of all matters that would have materially affected their decision to view or purchase the property are encouraged to register a complaint.

Please ensure your complaints are logged via the Consumer Service Helpline.

The reason being that logging them this way means that they go onto the National Trading Standards database which is searchable by all Local Trading Standards.

If consumers simply complain to their local trading standards it doesn’t always get on the database but by doing it through the Consumer Service Helpline it goes on the national database and is then sent to the appropriate Local Trading Standards (LTS)

The benefit of it going on the National database is that LTS can then see if there are pockets of complaints in their region and are therefore more likely to prioritise an investigation. Currently if they can only see one complaint they will prioritise other complaints.

Please contact them via email and keep a copy of their responses by clicking the following link:
Point to note is National Trading Standards cannot deal with a complaint that is over 3 years old, however we do think even these are worth lodging so that they get a view of the number of issues being caused and get a feeling of the magnitude of the problem.

Don’t forget to reference the Persimmon Article in your correspondence with Trading Standards.

Encourage your neighbours to join the NLC. Together we are stronger.


CMA launch Investigation – A Momentous Day For Our Campaign

Today the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has formally launched an Investigation into potential breaches of consumer protection law in the leasehold housing market.

This is a momentous day for leaseholders.

The National Leasehold Campaign warmly welcomes today’s launch of the CMA investigation into the leasehold housing market. We will, of course, be happy to work with the CMA to give evidence to support their investigation. For thousands of hard-working families across England and Wales, their dreams of home ownership have turned into a living nightmare with onerous ground rents, stinging permission fees, rocketing service charges and that stomach churning, penny drop moment when you realise that you don’t own a single brick of your property – the only thing you own is the lease and you are a tenant. It’s time for England and Wales to catch up with Scotland and abolish leasehold tenure to the history books where it belongs.


CMA launches consumer law investigation into leasehold market – Click here to view

The CMA has asked for us to submit all our evidence by the 12th July.

Take a look at their CALL FOR EVIDENCE HERE


We thank you for your continued support and would encourage you to submit your evidence to the CMA


Justin Madders MP, Katie Kendrick, Jo Darbyshire & Cath Williams at the first Leaseholders Conference in Manchester November 2018 held jointly with Leasehold Knowledge Partnership (LKP)

We are so proud that people are nominating us for the Women In Housing Awards.

As you know we work tirelessly for ALL leaseholders who are caught up in the complicated leasehold system. If you think we deserve to be nominated for this award please take a moment to complete the nomination process.

We are suggesting the following categories:

  1. TEAM OF THE YEAR – National Leasehold Campaign
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The NLC was launched in Jan 2017 and has gone from strength to strength. The past 12 months we have:

  • Held a demonstration in London which was supported by many MPS.

The NLC have galvanised leaseholders. Leaseholder’s now have a voice, our voices are being heard at the highest level and we will continue to make as much noise as possible until we are reLEASED.

If Leasehold Knowledge Partnership (LKP) was run by women they would win this award hands down. Without them the NLC would not be where we are today, and for that we are extremely thankful.


Katie Kendrick has been described as The Erin Brockovich of Ellesmere Port by award winning journalist Martina Lees in this excellent article Home Front

Katie has been a guest speaker at this years Professionalism In Property Conference 2019 where she joined some of the industries top property professionals. Katie spoke about : Leasehold property – Informing purchasers and examining mis-selling

  • Improving awareness of Leasehold tenure
  • Regulating and standardising information
  • Examples of mis-selling examined
  • Defining good practice


Katie has also been asked to speak at UK Finance – Arrears & Possessions Conference 2019


Justin Madders MP endorses the National Leasehold Campaign trio for prestigious Women In Housing Awards

Justin Madders MP endorses the National Leasehold Campaign trio for prestigious Women In Housing Awards

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More & more leaseholders are becoming aware they are caught in this feudal outdated abusive system. 

We will continue to unite together.

We will continue to speak up.

We will continue to have our voices heard.