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Once again the strength of leaseholders was felt as we rallied around to raise the funds to send the NLC team to this years ‘Women In Housing Awards 2019’

We have made the short-list for 3 categories :

  1. Team of the year.
  2. Improving the lives of Women or Communities.
  3. Marketing or Communication initiative.

We are so proud to be able to attend this event to represent the 14,500 members of the National Leasehold Campaign.

If you would like to make a donation it’s not too late, you can do so by


Any excess funds raised will be transferred to the NLC Bank Account so we can continue to fund the campaign to end the Leasehold Scandal.

A massive thank you to everyone who has donated so far. We couldn’t have done it without you. Knowing that you are all supporting us in numerous ways gives us the strength to continue this David V’s Goliath Battle.


Many Thanks for your support.

NLC Team


‘ENDING THE SCANDAL’- Labour’s new deal for leaseholders


Labour’s report published on 10th July set out plans to end leasehold ownership.

Labours proposals have been sent out for consultation for views from leaseholders.

Labour’s shadow housing secretary, John Healey MP said “This consultation document sets out the next Labour government’s ambition to end the broken leasehold model for good”

The National Leasehold Campaign encourages ALL Leaseholders to participate in this consultation regardless of political views. It is widely accepted that the Leasehold Scandal is a Cross-party issue with great Cross-party support.

Please Email your answers to the consultation questions below to

CLOSING 30th September 2019

Q1 Should there be any exemptions to the prohibition on new private leasehold properties, and if so what should they be?

Q2 What changes need to be made to commonhold to ensure it can become the default tenure for new flats?

Q3 Do you agree with our proposals to restrict ground rents to zero, or a peppercorn, for new build properties?

Q4 Do you agree with our proposal to set the maximum ground rent chargeable at 0.1% of property value, with a cap of £250 a year?

Q5 Do you agree with our proposed formula to allow leaseholders to buy the freehold to their home, or convert to commonhold?

Q6 What should we define as a ‘longer lease’ for the purposes of a new, simple formula for enfranchisement?

Q7 Do you agree that there should be a new route for redress for leaseholders suffering from unreasonable costs and conditions?

Q8 What types of covenants or administration fees should be permitted and what is a reasonable level to charge?

Q9 Do you agree with our proposals to abolish forfeiture on long leases?

Q10 What more could be done to give leaseholders more control over management of their buildings?

Q11 How can we best ensure effective management of commonhold or Right to Manage sites?

NLC reLEASE fund raising page to get us to the ‘Women In Housing Awards’ 2019

Women in housing graphic.png
NLC have made the Finalist in 3 Categories

 We are pleased to have made the finalist at this years

 “Women In Housing Awards 2019”


For us to attend this corporate event comes with a corporate price tag of almost £2500.  We run the NLC purly on donations and therefore have set up a specific fund to raise money for this event so Leaseholder’s can be represented.


Find our more about this event by going to our GoFundMe Page Click Here


The Competition And Markets Authority Investigation into the potential breaches of consumer protection law in the leasehold housing market closes TODAY 12th July 2019.

The CMA have confirmed that we should send ONE email to the most relevant email box (e.g Ground Rents) but state that your email is also relevant to other email boxes (e.g. Permission Fees) where this applies.
Basic Information will help them including:

  • Location (where your leasehold property is, including estate name)
  • Developer (where known)
  • Year of Purchase
  • Lease Terms (ground rent amount, frequency and rate of increase)
  • Who your freeholder is now
  • Who your management company is


  • What information were you told by the sales staff, both verbally and/or written – Please attach documented evidence if you have it – or say if you can provide it if required.
  • Do you feel you had ALL of the information to make an informed decision?
  • What information were you given verbally and/or documented about the fact the property was leasehold?
  • Were terms such as “virtually freehold” used?



  • You were not given enough information on the terms of your contract
  • The information you were given was difficult to understand
  • Were you given all of the information in order to make and informed decision to proceed with the purchase?
  • Were you told a price (verbally and/or written) of how much you could purchase your freehold for by sales staff? Has this changed?



Ever had to pay a ‘permission fee’ to make home improvements to your leasehold property? 🏠

Email :

The CMA are investigating if people are being treated fairly, and want to hear your experiences.

  • Were you aware of permission fees when you purchased the property?
  • Have the permission fees changed if your freehold has been sold on?
  • Has the freeholder tried to retain permission fees in the TP1 document?



The CMA want your views on service charges for things like:

🔧 repairs to communal areas
🏢 building insurance
👨‍💼 building management




Do you pay ground rents charges to the owner of the land a property is built on?

  • Were you aware your ground rent increases?
  • What is your current ground rent? How does it increase? (RPI/Doubling)
  • Have you had issues re mortgaging due to ground rent terms?
  • Have you tried to sell your property but the ground rent has been an issue?
  • Any other issues with Ground rents please email
  • Did your ‘Report on Title’ you received from your solicitor clearly explain the ground rent terms and increases?


The CMA are investigating potential mis-selling and unfair terms in the leasehold market.

It would also be helpful to CC in your MP to the email too.

Call for your views

If you wish to provide information to the CMA please use one or more of the following email addresses below:

In the heading of your email please indicate the address of the property about which you are getting in touch with the CMA and any other relevant material such as, should you be contacting us to make a complaint, the person against whom you wish to complain.

In your email please provide as much detail as you are comfortable with including timescales and dates, values and frequency of payments etc.

We would appreciate initial responses by 12 July.



This week the Government responded to Committee’s Leasehold reform report

This has triggered a debate in the Commons next Thursday to discuss the report.

Thursday 11th July in the Main Chamber
The debate is on the governments response to the excellent Select Committee report

We need you to :

a) Please write to your MP and remind them of the debate and urge them to attend to represent your interests.

b) If you have the time and can attend ask your MP if they can book you a seat in the public gallery.

c) Please make sure your MP is aware that they can ask LKP as the secretariat of the APPG for briefing notes. They need to email

This debate is your best opportunity for your MP to argue that more should be done to help you as existing leaseholders!!!

This is great news. Please take the time to email your MP. Lets flood their inboxes. More needs to be done for existing leaseholders, the battle is far from over.

If you don’t know your MP’s Email address they can be contacted by clicking here

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“As many of you will know I am a nurse with a particular interest in Mental Health. I am deeply concerned what the human cost of this scandal is. Having spent hours speaking to so many leaseholders, and hearing so many heartbreaking stories the officials need to know this. Our homes should be our safe haven. For far too many it’s turned into a living nightmare. We really want to capture the impact the Leasehold Scandal is having on our lives. Please take a moment to complete our short survey. The results will help us to raise awareness of this scandal. Capturing the Human Impact is vital. Never give up fighting, we must stick together and I remain positive that if we do so we will get justice”.

Many Thanks for your continued support. Katie Kendrick

I would like to also thank the charity Silence of Suicide for helping us run this important survey.



As our Petition to Abolish Leasehold in the UK reaches over 27,500, the National Leasehold Campaign (NLC) have unveiled its Mayday Pledge to bring justice for the more than six million Brits trapped in what is widely tipped to be the next mis-selling scandal.

As a not-for-profit organisation we have devised different pledges for developers, freeholders and local authorities to sign up to in the wake of the industries own pledge announced in March, which has been described by the NLC as being ‘as little as they think they can get away with’

“We have now created the NLC Mayday Pledge where we are calling on developers, freeholders and local authorities to put their money where their mouth is. If they are truly concerned with acting in an ethical and transparent way, which their track record totally belies, then they will sign and actively embrace the changes needed. They cannot be trusted to regulate themselves and their pledge does not go far enough.”

We, the National Leasehold Campaign pledge to:

  1. Campaign for the abolition of leasehold in England and Wales.
  2. Campaign for Commonhold to be mandatory.
  3. Campaign for full redress for those trapped in the Leasehold Scandal including a mis-selling inquiry.
  4. Campaign for the adoption of the recommendations recently published in the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee report on Leasehold Reform and ensure these are included in all political party manifestos.
  5. Continue to support MHCLG on leasehold reform.
  6. Continue to support the Law Commission on their programme of leasehold reform.
  7. Support the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on leasehold reform, of which the charity Leasehold Knowledge Partnership is the secretariat and organizes all meetings.
  8. Raise awareness of leasehold (both flats & houses), fleecehold and non-adoption of public services.
  9. Ensure leaseholders avoid the pitfalls of informal lease extensions and purchase of freehold.

It’s time for Government to take a much stronger stance and avoid being taken in like Little Red Riding Hood as the leasehold wolves dress up like Granny.

This is what we believe the public pledge signed by freeholders should be:

We, the undersigned freeholders, pledge to:

1. Identify all leaseholders with leases which contain a clause whereby ground rent doubles or increases with RPI, contact leaseholders to inform them and offer them the option to purchase their freehold at the verbally agreed price discussed when the property was reserved or convert ground rent in line with the recommendations of the Commons Select Committee (ground rent should not exceed £250 pa and should not increase over time).

2. Repeat this offer when contacting a leaseholder or, if this is not always appropriate, ensure this offer is communicated clearly and displayed in a public open forum (for example, a website or communal notice board etc).

3. Should a leaseholder accept to change a doubling clause the Leaseholders will not incur any fees to alter.

4. Assist any leaseholder who approaches us to request clauses be reviewed (or any other matter regarding their lease), even if they have not previously taken up an offer of variation at no cost to the leaseholder.

5. Abolish permission fees for home alterations, remortgages, etc.

6. Ensure the process for leaseholders to acquire the freehold on their home or extend the terms of the lease is uncomplicated, transparent and fair.

7. Support leaseholders who wish to take over the collective management of their homes and any communal areas in excess of the currently inadequate leaseholder rights enshrined in legislation.

8. Have in place a complaints process that is transparent and fair, ensuring that complaints are heard and dealt with, and redress given quickly.

9. Have in place an appropriate redress scheme, so leaseholders have assurance that complaints will be heard.

This is what we believe the public pledge signed by Developers should be:

We, the undersigned developers, pledge to:

1. Not to build any new leasehold houses.

2. Ensure that shared buildings are commonhold not leasehold.

3. Work with Local Authorities to ensure that common areas and public services are adopted.

4. Abolish permission fees for home alterations, remortgages, etc.

5. Develop and manage a comprehensive Code of Practice which establishes the highest ethical and operational standards for the building and sale of new properties, including a Key Features document at the point of sale and mandating full disclosure of all charges.

6. Implement a redress scheme to provide full financial redress for the thousands of customers who were not fully informed when they bought leasehold properties from us.

7. Immediately cease to recommend professionals to assist with the purchase of a new home (conveyancing solicitors, mortgage advisors, etc.)

8. Immediately cease selling any freeholds currently held by us to any third party investor and offer them to existing leaseholders at the verbally agreed price discussed when the property was reserved or convert ground rent in line with the recommendations of the Commons Select Committee (ground rent should not exceed £250 pa and should not increase over time).

9. Buy back the freeholds sold onto third parties and sell them back to the leaseholder at the price verbally agreed at the point of sale.

This is what we believe the public pledge signed by Local Authority’s should be:

We, the undersigned Local Authorities pledge to:

1. Support leaseholders who are trapped in the Leasehold Scandal.

2. Support any legal action that leaseholders may undertake in relation to mis-selling.

3. Make it clear to developers that Local Authorities will not work with developers who continue to exploit leaseholders.

4. Support the adoption of common areas and public services.

5. Support and promote future Commonhold developments.


Please support our pledge.


” One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws” – Martin Luther King Jr.

NLC LAUNCH SATISFACTION SURVEY: Legal Advice Given During The Conveyancing Process

On 5th April 2019 the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) published a report based on evidence collected from a range of conveyancing solicitor firms.

They identified this as a “Residential Conveyancing Thematic Review using a sample of 40 law firms offering residential conveyancing services and conducted a detailed review of 80 case files.

Click here to view Residential Conveyancing Thematic Review

Out of that sample they only found 6 cases that required further investigation and stated:

“We found that most firms were fulfilling their obligations.

In particular, we found that:

  • All firms proactively communicated with clients at all key stages of a purchase, with the majority meeting them face-to-face at least once

  • All firms provided clients with clear information on their complaints procedures

  • Firms are increasingly embracing technology, especially regarding how they communicate with clients.”

They go on to highlight some areas of concern including the following :

“not explaining the difference between freehold and leasehold ownership”


The National Leasehold Campaign welcomes the SRA review particularly the recognition that freehold and leasehold tenure is not always explained adequately. However the scope of their research did not include the opinions of purchasers.

To address this issue we (NLC) have created this survey to collect data on property purchaser experiences in relation to all aspects of the conveyancing process. The majority of questions mirror those used by the SRA in their review to allow direct comparison of results.

Additional questions have been included based upon experiences shared by members of the NLC Closed Facebook Group

This survey is supported by the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership (LKP) by offering to assist in the analysis and dissemination of results.

We would be extremely grateful if you could complete the Survey by clicking the link below.


It is completely anonymised and we do not ask you for any personal details.

The survey will take 8 mins to complete.

If you have any questions about the survey please email



The TRUE Impact of the Leasehold Scandal


The National Leasehold Campaign are keen to understand the personal impact of the leasehold scandal which thousands are caught in.  Although well documented in terms of financial implications, the impact on mental health is not captured anywhere.  We believe its paramount that we capture this somehow.  All data will be anonymised and used as collective evidence to capture the true impact.

We have received help from Silence Of Suicide ( to try to capture the TRUE impact of the Leasehold Scandal.

Silence of Suicide are an amazing charity who offer a unique service that delivers free, national meetings which encourage open and honest discussion about suicide and other mental health issues.  We thank them for their support with this important issue.

Please take a few moments to complete this survey.


If you are struggling with your mental health please do seek support, Don’t be alone:


116 123 (UK & ROI) Ring FREE


Many Thanks for your continued support



We Know you are all tired of completing consultation after consultation but PLEASE do not stop. We need to keep going.

Helping leaseholders take control over the running of their buildings.
The Law Commission are conducting a public consultation on reform of the right to manage: “Leasehold home ownership: exercising the right to manage”.

The consultation period is open until 30 April 2019.

They want to hear from everyone with views on the law and process of RTM – leaseholders, landlords, campaigners, property developers, industry bodies, professionals and academics.

The Consultation Paper is lengthy and technical. Please don’t be put off by this. You do not need to answer every question.

If you are only interested in one part of our consultation, or even if you wish to answer only one question, you can respond to just that part or question.You do not need to complete all of your answers in one go.

You can save and return to the form at any time.The Law Comission have provided guidance and explanations on their website. Please take the time to read them.

Law Commission guidance here

Right to Manage

How to complete the consultation?

Comments may be sent using the online form, accessible here. Where possible, it would be helpful if this form was used.

Alternatively, comments may be sent:
By email to

By post to Right to Manage Team, Law Commission, 1st Floor, Tower, 52 Queen’s Anne Gate, London, SW1H 9AG.
(If you send your comments by post, it would be helpful if, whenever possible, you could also send them electronically.)

There is also a short survey leaseholders can complete.

SHORT SURVEY:They have produced a short survey for leaseholders and directors of RTM companies to complete, to tell us about their experiences of the RTM.You can access it here.